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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Google Sky

Ryan and I made a spontaneous decision to go stargazing on Thursday night. I showed him a nice place on the rooftop of a building we weren't supposed to be on. (For some reason everywhere I take him involves trespassing..) We laid out my Hello Kitty fleece blanket to sit on as we ate hot cheetos with Mediterranean hummus and played with my Google Sky Map. (:


I've been going to the beach more often and I don't ever (but I know I should) apply sunblock...yet I'm still as light as ever. Everyone calls me pale but I prefer the term fair-skinned because pale is unhealthy and disgusting. I am fair-skinned because I have pink undertones that make me look like I am always blushing! I still remember in elementary school my annoying PE teacher tried to call me out and make me look bad by saying out loud "why are you wearing blush makeup to a PE class?" and I'm like "it's natural blush you idiot." I didn't wear makeup and I still don't because I don't really think I need it.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Open when..." letters

A little while ago, my boyfriend and I decided to make "open when" letters for each other. It turned out to be a very time-consuming process but it was really cute and so worth it! Especially when I found out that he had spent hours filling up an entire sheet (8.5in. x 11in.) of paper for each envelope. My baby sister actually stumbled upon and showed me this idea on Pinterest! The main reason we wanted to do this was because he was graduating/working full-time while I am still in school and we knew we wouldn't be able to see each other as often anymore. We picked out our own topics for the letters and the amount to make and did everything on our own time and exchanged on Valentine's Day.

My letters for him:
1. you get this, so right now
2. you need a hug
3. I am sad and you don't know what to do
4. it's April 30, 2014 (our 5 month)
5. I've fallen asleep while talking to you
6. you need to know how much you mean to me
7. you miss me
8. you're thinking about us
9. you need a smile
10. you wake up, before your first day of work
11. you're genuinely happy
12. you're bored
13. you're totally stressed out
14. you're worried about your future.
15. you're having a bad day
16. you're sad
17. you want to reminisce
18. you get home from your first day of work
19. you feel alone
20. you feel like giving up
21. you feel insecure
22. you can't fall asleep

His letters for me:
1. It's Valentine's Day
2. It's our 6th month anniversary!!
3. you want to know how much I love you!
4. you're happy!
5. you're sad
6. you're bored
7. you're going to a party!
8. it's after a big fight and it's my fault.
9. you miss me/we are feeling distant

His list may seem a lot shorter than mine, but I have to say his letters are more meaningful because he took this very seriously while I...have a lot trouble thinking far into the future so I struggled thinking of what to write.
I am so blessed to be with someone like him. (:

Don't know if you can tell but, I used paint sample cards as the paper for my letters because I have an abundance of them, I am obsessed with them and they happen to be a perfect fit for the envelopes I bought.

Friday, April 11, 2014

My favorite photos from our trip! Hard to tell in the picture on the right, but we ended up buying Mickey shirts and matching Mickey carabiners (not pictured). Why is everything so overpriced in Disneyland though, oh my god. After calculating our expenses at the end of our trip, we agreed that it isn't worth going back anytime soon.

But actually, anywhere can be the happiest place on earth as long as you're with me.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I have to say that this was probably one of the best weekends of my life. I got to spend a lot of time with my favorite person-away from the university environment since he graduated. Disneyland would not have been the happiest place on earth for me without having him by my side. This was my first time driving this far (there and back), and it was only because I have a problem with sitting in the car and doing nothing for six hours. He only drove like one hour max and he is officially the worst navigator ever! But it's okay. The weather was perfect-not too hot like average LA weather and not too cold either! We did a lot there, including waiting in line for three hours to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen which wasn't worth it; however, it was then that I realized how amazing it is that we never run out of things to talk about. We had dinner at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. Being seated outside on the second floor for a candlelit dinner was absolutely perfect. We spent the next day eating at Little Napoli, sharing ice cream from Carmel Bakery and relaxing on the beach at Carmel-by-the-Sea. This trip could not have been more perfect.
Just some things I probably shouldn't say out loud.

Please don't be someone who is so quick to publicly announce and emphasize all the "tiring" work you did and disregard the equally (or probably more) important and time-consuming work that someone else did earlier.

A leader is not self-centered and does not act as if they run the place. Because they really don't. A self-centered leader is one who neglects the word "we" and only uses "I" when proposing ideas and representing the team. A leader recognizes that others have contributed and he/she is not the only one who is capable of and qualified for "doing everything."

Sunday, March 30, 2014

spring quarter

I wonder how things will turn out this quarter, without three of my favorite people by my side because they have graduated. I have seen them everyday before and they have actually taken really good care of me but now I won't get to see them that often. I guess this is what happens when all of my friends are a year older than me. But actually, having older friends pushes me to do better in school because I always feel like I am "behind" when in reality I am not. That mentality pushes me to "catch up" to them and get ahead of my own schedule which is awesome. Speaking of which, this is my second to last quarter before I graduate!