Sunday, May 22, 2016

busy people are happy people

YESTERDAY, I was pretty happy. I shadowed private swim lessons at my gym for 3 hours because my goal is to start teaching on the weekends ASAP. Afterwards, I attended a 2-hour lifeguard in-service training because I need to get lifeguard certified ASAP. Since I was already at the gym, I did my squats (5x5 125-lb) so I don't lose my 2-month progress. I made a new friend at training and taught her how to bar squat. Arrived home by 7pm when my friends picked me up to watch Captain America: Civil War. Speaking of friends, I'm debating whether I should expose their first names or first initials moving forward on my blog. Perhaps the latter?? So, M and A?? Two of my favorite guys I rarely get to see nowadays, but we've got a whole lot of history.

All of a sudden I've got so much on my plate, but it makes me so happy. I'm the kind of person who always needs to be doing something. I need to be engaged in activities pointed towards a goal, otherwise I'll feel so miserable... and yes, I've been there before.

hello world (again)

I don't know why I picked today to revive my blog, but here it is.

After deleting my blog and letting some time pass, I've realized I really needed this space. Just like before, I'll let my emotions run wild and share my completely honest and unfiltered thoughts. No visuals this time around though, I'll save those for Instagram.

It's been almost a year since I closed my blog. I've grown so much as a person during this time and I am thankful for the people and situations that made me who I am today. I still have a long way to go in certain areas, but I'm already so far from where I used to be.