$500/month to...

1. live at home, under a million rules that I have been rebelling against since middle school.
2. be restricted from going out with friends anytime I want.
3. be interrogated for every boy I hang out with as friends because God forbid I hang out with a boy if I'm not dating him. -__-
4. be accused of dating someone when I am NOT trying to date anyone for the rest of my life.
5. ironically, be mocked about how I don't have a real boyfriend and I just go out with different guys all the time even though they're JUST FRIENDS. Jeez.
6. be scolded at for having only like three female friends.
7. be scolded at for going out too much and wasting my life away.
8. be scolded at for not going outside enough.
9. okay this is getting really embarrassing I am so embarrassed sigh
10. :'(

I sound like a teenager even though I'm not anymore but for real I just act how I'm treated so yeah.

Edit: tbh instead of sitting at home I rather sit in my car and speed on the freeway and think about life and blast music and pray I don't get a ticket hahaha. 

No Apology (but no surprises here)

History is harsh indeed. You're right. But it's obvious that this is just an excuse to replay history and then say, again, like oh sorry history is harsh so too bad because what's done is done. It's been so many years and yet your country cannot explicitly apologize to America - just like how your country cannot apologize to Taiwan and China and all the other countries you belittled and abused throughout history. What's worse is your country keeps feeding false history to the younger generations in school. Such an Evil country filled with thick-skinned and deceitful people.

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I've been using snapchat (@alttab) so much that I've neglected Instagram. IG is too much work - I have to take multiple shots and then pick the best shot then photoshop, resize, then maybe get sick of the picture and never post it. Story of my life haha. Sorry. I'll be more active starting Sunday when I begin traveling!! :')


Unexpected Reply / RE: Waste of Life

heyy! how are you doing? I don't know if this sounds creepy or not but I read your blog...he. I just wanted to say that i know it's hard being a postgrad, and that it can be very lonely when a lot of friends are far away. it's never the same once you leave college, and I imagine living at home must be hard with all that pressure. but don't let that get to you! the stigma of having to have a "real" job and whatnot, it's all just someone else's expectations, the world's expectations. everyone has their own journey, and you are where you are for a reason. I know plenty of postgrads struggling to get a job period, and even with my job I basically make enough to cover bills. but it's a starting point! so be proud of where you are, because we all have to start somewhere. and I was really impressed by all the things you've accomplished since college! to take on such a major and to push yourself to do so much, I know few people who can do that and still have the social life you do. I know you're gonna go places :) and I'm sorry you and Ryan didn't work out :( I hope that you're doing ok - but even though I don't know the details, even if you made the decision, I know it's always hard letting go of someone. that's the worst isn't it? the process of letting go of people as we go through stages in our life. something that's hard to learn and even harder to be content with. if you ever want to talk, I'm always here :) i know you may not feel like it sometimes, but I hope you will one day see that you are valued and loved,  it's not your looks (though you are still one of the prettiest girls I know) or your personality (though you naturally draw so many people in), but simply who you are as a person. you're not defined by any of those superficial things, or even by the things we are judged by the world - by our job, or our degree, or our relationship, or how much money we make. I know we've been on and off since we left high school, but I do feel like when we have gotten to talk it's been really nice to catch up :) I don't know if you're still going to church or anything, but you're free to come visit mine if you ever want! or to just hang out :) I'll be praying for you!

I don't have many Christian friends and in fact I can count them all on one hand. The last time someone wrote me such an encouraging letter was in the middle of uni. He (also Christian) met up with me often and wrote me multiple encouragement letters when I was going through a very difficult time. And now I received this from a girl who has known me for a very long time because fortunately we are family friends. In the end, you are the one who cares about me more than most of my uni friends do. I am truly blessed to have you and I appreciate and love you so much..thank you for being in my life.