travel experiences

Someone - I forgot who! - suggested that I blog about my travel experiences since I am traveling like over 50% for work now. I thought about it on the plane ride home today and I think I am going to do it. So here are some funny events that happened before today:

1. On the plane ride back home from Seattle two months ago, the lady in front of me forgot to take her shoes off the security area and I brought it over to her. She ended up sitting NEXT to me on the plane with assigned seats! I was in the middle and a very friendly and happy business man in a suit sat on my left. The lady told the man that I picked up her shoes for her and he was like this sounds like a Cinderella story haha!! :')

2. On the plane ride to Colorado last Sunday, I sat next to the two cutest little kids (no assigned seating). They took the aisle and middle seats and I walked by and asked if there was anyone sitting there and if I could sit there. Immediately they asked me what my name was and told me their names and I assume the girl was maybe 12 and the boy was 8 or something. I don't know who they were traveling with because I didn't see any guardians. I love sitting next to kids because 1) they are so nice and 2) they don't take up a ton of space and make me feel claustrophobic haha.

I feel like I had more random plane events but I don't remember them anymore. : (


data x art

Just some interesting notes I've highlighted recently while reading TIME: The Answers Issue, July 6 / July 13, 2015 on a plane ride to Denver, Colorado.

- We're rich in data--but the returns are diminishing rapidly, because after a certain point the more information you have, the harder it becomes to extract meaning from it. Ironically, an excess of information resists analysis and comprehension in much the same way a lack of it does. As a result, the more that new technology floods our world with complex information, the more we end up calling on a much older field of human endeavor, one that has always been devoted to making complexity comprehensibly and extracting meaning from chaos, namely, art. Particularly the visual arts.

- The result: those meaningless data now mean something.

- Visualizations are evolving from the analysis and representation of static data sets to ever changing images of data that arrive constantly, in real time.

- It's the necessary next step beyond transparency; not just releasing information but releasing the meaning of that information.

- We live in a moment when humanity is being exposed to quantities of data... We find them incomprehensible too, and they're in danger of making our own world incomprehensible to us. But it doesn't have to be that way. Information doesn't just want to be free. It wants to be visible too.


Boston, MA

My first time in the East Coast! I only stayed in Boston because this trip was for work.
I took a bunch of photos and here are a few. :)

Left: View from Boston Common & Public Garden
Right: Boston Common Frog Pond

I ate none of the above. :(
Just thought the food was super photogenic and cute.

Left: Trinity church in the back.
Right: Cute flowers :)

I notice floor patterns and designs sometimes.

Shot these while walking to Longfellow bridge.

Last but not least, here are some pictures of the premium floor corner suite I stayed in.
Excuse the low-lighting bad quality~

Right when you enter, there is this huge and very unnecessary conference table.

Living room area.

Another view of the living room area.

A view from one of the four large windows in my suite.
I am in a corner room on the highest floor.

My messy king bed hehe.

Spacious right?? I was definitely not expecting my suite to be this big haha.
Besides the hot, humid weather and morning traffic, Boston is alright. :)