Speech & Debate

So I realized that I am very suitable for speech & debate because I like to prove people wrong and prove my opinion/belief right. Hahahaha....

Anyway, here is another controversial issue for you guys to read and think about:
This one is about how fraternities should be abolished. And yes I agree with him ok.


Why the Chinese think the Japanese are evil.

Read Foster Winans' answer please, to educate yourself okkkk.


This man said it all. Thank you Foster Winans, for stating the facts.


Exploring Santa Cruz

Headed down to Santa Cruz this weekend to grade take-home final exams with the TA.

Spent the few hours of my free time at DeLaveaga Park, Natural Bridges, and a beautiful private garden. Started off Saturday morning by making a simple nutritious drink: organic mango lemonade with chia seeds. It was delicious but maybe a little too sweet! I should've added some water to it.

Yes, we have matching water bottles from the Disney store! I chose Pluto because I refused to get Minnie because the pink was not pretty - it was like magenta.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Natural Bridges State Beach. Tried to avoid the sand and water by climbing the rocks to see how far we could go.

Why so effortlessly photogenic? Also why no good pictures of me huh? ):

Found a beautiful private garden behind the beach. I was so in love. Just look at it!


Exploring Alone

Had a very busy day today to say the least. Did some exploring on my own while waiting for my sister to get out of class so I can take her home. I dropped her off and had to stay in the area because it is half an hour away (by highway) and I wouldn't be able to make it in time to pick her up if I went home because of the rush hour traffic. So I spent about 2 hours at a park and field area I found and took some pictures.

This picture would look so much cooler if people hadn't destroyed the END sign.